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Rangers Back In Admin?

Discussion in 'General Football Chat' started by ABBEY, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    Rumours doing the rounds .
  2. Gav

    Gav Senior Member

    I was talking to my Rangers supporting Glasgow taxi driver today who told me these rumors come from 'The Darkside' of the city, and center around the fact that Rangers are loaning players into the club, and that breaches the rules of administration/liquidation in the eyes of 'The Darkside'.

    He also added "*uck the darkside" its got nowt to do with that lot.
  3. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    To quote the late Mandy Rice-Davies.... "Well he would say that wouldn't he"?:cool:

    Moving on I wonder if there are any supporters / talk sport / Motd pundits / reporters etc out there who are constantly urging the owners of various clubs to spend spend spend ever consider that their club might be the next Rangers? Bloody great at spending other folks money aren't they? What they constantly forget is that football is a business and if businesses are to survive they have to balance the books and make profits at some time! Surely that isn't rocket science to anybody with a smidgeon of experience in business?

    Debate on talksport Drive the other night seemed to be suggesting that if Lpool want to restore themselves to former glories that they should have resisted Barcas ludicrous 140m valuation of Phillipe Coutinho!!! This is despite them spending way more than their entire income from Premier League membership on Oxlaide-Chamberlain and Van Dyke. Fact is that Liverpool have outspent Arsenal and Spurs for years with very little to show for it. And the biter bit as we all know is that no one can live with the financial resources enjoyed by Man City whatever they do.
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