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The real Brexit thread

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Alan, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    The last throw of the dice for John and his comrades, when all else fails (as it always does) resort to personal insults :joy:
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  2. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Looks like Micron has a big problem on his hands, which means Barnier, Juncker and Merkel also have too, what do you reckon John ?

    Brexit - The Real Facts
    7 hrs ·
    Amid reports that many European countries are concerned that France is behind the EU’s and Michel Barnier’s arrogant, disruptive negotiating hardline, the good news is Theresa May is sending her Ministers (even Hammond) off to many European countries on a “charm offensive” to remind them just how important tariff free trade with Britain really is to most EU countries.

    Macron also needs to be reminded that France, like many other EU countries, has an awful lot to lose, especially their influential farming community, from the EU putting its political ideology ahead of the interests of EU countries, their people, industries and workers.


    French farmers, who are the most militant and politically well organised in Europe, will be very, very hard hit if the EU shuts them out of their huge, very lucrative British market by the EU forcing them to be uncompetitive by imposing high protectionist EU tariffs on French and other countries exports to the UK.

    When the French realise that without a free trade deal with Britain, the EU will impose external protectionist tariffs of up to 30% on their food and wine exports to their huge and vitally important British market, all hell will break loose.

    They will organise sustained mass protests at a drop of a hat, just as they have done so many times in the past when they realise just how badly hit they will be, rioting, dumping food and blocking motorways not just right across France and Paris and other French cities, but in Brussels too.

    And they will be joined by farmers, wine and food producers and processors right across many parts of Europe, including Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Germany.

    You only have to look at our supermarkets and see just how much their shelves are piled high with EU wine, cheese, butter, meat, bacon, fruit, vegetables and even flowers.

    British consumers will benefit from LOWER prices because almost all EU produced food and beverage products can be SUBSTITUTED with similar, much cheaper high quality products available from outside the EU.

    British farmers will also benefit by being paid again in a similar system that we had before joining the Common Market, to produce as much food as they can, instead of being paid by British tax payers via the EU to NOT to produce food, so that British consumers had to pay higher prices under the EU protectionist system.

    You only have to visit a supermarket in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand To see the huge variety of very high quality products, often at much cheaper prices than inside the EU high tariff protectionist Single Market.

    That recent Civil Service Fake News report makes the idiotic claim that leaving the EU will result in higher prices for UK consumers.

    As Jacob Rees-Mogg explained they are “fiddling” their doomy forecasts by making the ridiculous FALSE ASSUMPTION that after Leave we will still keep the high EU external tariffs of around 10% on cars, lorries, machinery and up to 30% on food, beverages, clothing and footwear.

    This assumption is utter Remainiac Nonsense - GARBAGE IN-GARBAGE OUT

    Leaders of the Leave campaign repeatedly explained that one of the main benefits of Brexit was that we could immediately eliminate most of these high external EU protectionist tariffs which KEEP OUR PRICES ARTIFICIALLY HIGH on our food, beverage, clothing, footwear, as well as cars, lorries and machinery etc.

    Furthermore we did NOT need any trade agreements to reduce import tariffs, as Remainiacs falsely claim.

    We are legally entitled under WTO rules to UNILATERALLY abolish all EU imposed tariffs immediately Leave on all imports from every country outside the EU.

    We can announce that we are doing that for a LIMITED PERIOD telling these non-EU countries that we are open for business to make those tariff cuts permanent if they sign free trade agreements us.

    Most countries will jump at the opportunity, which will benefit British consumers and industries with much lower import prices and open new doors for our exports, which have already rocketed by 16% since the Referendum

    The US, ChIna and Japan, the three largest economies in the world (more than twice the size of the EU 27) have already made clear they are keen to do that.

    The Chinese even describe Brexit as an opportunity for a new “Golden Era” (their phrase) for Sino-British relations. Like the Americans and Japanese before them, they want to make Britain their base to cover Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    Britain offers many advantages to Chinese and other foreign companies, which far outweigh the advantages of the EU.

    In addition to English being the international language of business and commercial law, as well as of science, technology and life sciences and creative arts, in which we are world leaders (with more top world renowned Universities than the rest of Europe combined) Britain is open to free trade snd the leading globsl financial centre as well as very welcoming to foreign companies, offering a level playing field for foreign companies - unlike most countries in the EU.

    The opportunities for trade with super fast growing China are huge, which alone could rapidly grow to be a bigger market for Britain than the EU.

    Liam Fox recently announced that our exports to China have grown by an astonishing 25% since the Referendum and could easily continue at that rate when we get rid of the EU tariffs holding us back.

    These are the type of opportunities opening up for us with Brexit.

    Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and most of the rest of the other 53 Commonwealth countries with a total population of 2.2 billion (more than 4 times that of the EU) with which we have especially close ties, have also publicly said they are also very keen to do trade deals with us.

    Most of the rest of the countries in world will also jump at the opportunity to do free trade deals with the huge British import market, the fifth largest in the world.

    will be very hard hit indeed by being priced out of the UK market without a free trade agreement with Britain, by EU imposing protectionist tariffs of up to 30 % on French food and beverage products like wine, cheese and 10% on French cars.
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  3. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    Jumbo's brexit valentine

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  4. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    "Armed clashes in Calais after surge in refugees trying to reach Britain. An Anglo-French deal to speed refugee processing has led to a 25% rise in arrivals at the port, mounting tensions between nationalities, shootings and violent brawls.
    A sudden surge of refugees arriving in Calais is stoking new tensions between migrant communities and led to the mass brawl and multiple shootings that shocked France last week.

    There has been a 25% increase in the number of migrants heading for the French port, placing pressure on food handouts and increasing competition for routes into the UK.

    Migrants and charities blamed the rapid increase on a recent border treaty between France and the UK, which raised “false hopes” that it would be easier to reach Britain.

    The treaty, signed by President Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May a fortnight ago, promised to accelerate the processing of migrants in the port city and was heralded as “a more humane approach”.

    Yet while the new migrants had hoped for a quicker journey across the Channel, they discovered that there was little food and almost no shelter at the port.

    Shortly after 2.30pm on Thursday at least five migrants were shot at close range as they queued for food handouts, prompting a running brawl between Afghans and Eritreans across the city. Four Eritreans aged between 16 and 18 remain in a critical condition in hospital as the French police hunt for the gunman, who is believed to be a 37-year-old Afghan people-smuggler.

    Speaking in the city, close to where the shootings took place, Laura Griffiths, of the refugee charity Safe Passage, said: “The treaty led to many new arrivals but also rumours – false hopes – that there would be an easy passage to the UK. These new arrivals increased tension at distribution points. In reality, the only legal pas- sage is for minors, and even this is not working effectively.”

    Griffiths said that following the border treaty announcement the charity recorded the arrival of 200 migrants entering Calais from surrounding locations in northern France and Paris, bringing the total within the port to around 800.

    François Guennoc, vice-president of the Calais charity L’Auberge des Migrants, said the UK-France border agreement had caused chaos. “It gave people hope to reach England,” he said. “People arrived suddenly, about 200, mainly underage people and women who arrived in Calais because they thought that the Home Office said they [could] go directly to England. Then they thought the Home Office was lying. People were upset – it was crazy.”

    Migrants said that the treaty had provoked frustration among desperate individuals, many of whom sleep rough in the woods near Calais.

    Ifa Derrec, a 22-year-old ethnic Oromo fleeing violence in Ethiopia, said: “Many new persons arrived, and those already here became angry because they have been waiting a long time and then new people take their food. This causes the problem. We are too cold and hungry, there is violence because of this,” he said, shivering outside his flimsy tent on a patch of muddy wasteland.

    Others volunteer alternative theories for the shooting, which has raised fresh scrutiny on how France intends to deal with the increasing numbers of migrants converging on Calais.

    Ife Magiso, 20, from Ethiopia, described how a growing enmity between Afghan and Eritrean migrants in Calais began during a dispute over access to a lorry park an hour’s walk from the city. The lorry park, off the A16, offers the frequent chance of climbing into the backs of lorries headed to the port of Calais, but was controlled by Afghan smugglers, who refused to allow Eritreans to use it.

    “They say it’s theirs. That’s unfair because we share our [lorry] parks with anyone,” said Heeran, 19, another Oromo migrant.

    Some accuse the Afghans of operating a shamelessly racist policy over access to the coveted truck stops outside the port. “They don’t allow any black people to go there,” said Abdul Wadood, 24, from Khartoum, Sudan.

    A number of those gathered beside a row of tents pitched outside a warehouse a 10-minute walk from the old “jungle” camp – which held almost 10,000 migrants before it was demolished 15 months ago – said that resentment had been brewing between Afghan and Eritrean factions following an alleged incident shortly after the start of the year.

    According to Rashad Mamoun, a 27-year-old from Sudan, a young Eritrean attempted to enter the lorry park claimed by the Afghan smugglers. “So they took his clothes, shoes, his phone, everything,” said Mamoun. “They left him naked, he had to walk back freezing. People are not happy with the Afghans, maybe the Afghans got scared, that’s why they shoot.”

    But the use of a firearm in the longrunning turf war among groups of different nationalities hoping to reach the UK has shocked many in Calais. One Afghan, 20-year-old Amir, from Herat, who has camped near the port since September, said: “I really hope there is no more shooting. Why has he not been caught?”

    Yet reprisals are likely, the Eritreans say. “There will be revenge,” said Magiso, nodding solemnly. “But we only carry stones to throw, and that’s no good against guns.”

    His friends said they had armed themselves with sticks, and within an hour of Thursday’s shootings a group between 150 and 200 Eritreans carrying iron bars and sticks clashed with Afghans. “I will fight, but I don’t want to get shot,” said Eritrean Eyob Mebrahtu, 23, pointing to his thigh, where he said he had been stabbed but would not reveal by whom.

    Not all are keen to join the conflict. Mohammed Montaset, 25, from Khartoum, who has spent six months sleeping in a copse, is terrified of the prospect of violence. “I have travelled here to find peace, for a better life. Now, every night, I sleep in fear.”

    His friend Omar, 19, from Kassala, Sudan, glanced towards his right arm, strapped in a sling. The teenager explained that he had been beaten with a stick while sleeping. “I don’t know who did it, why or which nationality,” he said.

    Already the shooting has brought a crackdown, with security forces drafted into the city. Rumours have long persisted that the many people-smugglers operating in northern France had guns, with some Kurdish traffickers further east along the coast at Dunkirk alleged to have access to AK-47s, possibly from Syria.

    “We had heard they had weapons. Now we have confirmation,” said Guennoc."

    If we let this lot of untrained, unqualified, uneducated, uncivilised chancers into the UK we deserve all we get. France should have turned the lot of them back at their border.
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  5. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    When did France ever repel anyone at their borders ?
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  6. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

  7. Benjamin Kaynine

    Benjamin Kaynine Senior Member

    That link is from 2011 - is that the best you can do ? I'm with the Danes on this one - Marmite is disgusting stuff.

    As for Boris Johnson's Road to Brexit speech today, the man is a disgrace.

    If this trash delivered by the twice sacked-for-lying foreign secretary is meant to be an attempt to reach out to Remainers and set out a thoughtful vision of a post Brexit sunny upland, it shows that there are indeed new lows within the grasp of this useless embarrassment of a government.

    Rather than just mouth off ideas like some annoying drunk, where are the specifics? Where is Northern Ireland in this discussion? Where is how we will secure frictionless trade not just with the EU but everyone else? Where is how we negotiate 700+ existing treaties? Where is how we deal with common policing, nuclear safety, access to medicines, joint science programmes etc?

    As with everything to do with this vile narcissist who is so f-ing useless as foreign secretary that even the Trump administration keeps its distance, there is nothing but hot air. His opinions on EU are not worth tuppence.

  8. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Language Timothy! (I mean John obviously) you are getting more and more wound up, swivel eyed even
  9. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    How sick is this photo

  10. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    3 sereious 'achievers' there that's for sure.

    btw Did Soros die some time before that photo was taken? And is this photo some sort of ruse to prevent markets crashing whilst Branson unloads billions of shares? His eyes are closed, his hand is unnatural and that Sandra is quite obviously propping him up.
  11. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    I wouldn't put it past the sons of Soros to pull that stunt
  12. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

  13. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    One day we get some seemingly knowledgeable types pontificating and giving us all the benefit of their wisdom. Some of these experts say Brexit is good and some more experts say it's bad! Unless they have a better option we may as well toss a coin to decide! I've come to strongly agree with the old saying about 'experts'. An 'ex' is a has been an d a 'spurt' is a drip under pressure!
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  14. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Or, them that can do, them that can't preach
  15. Vinjay

    Vinjay Senior Member

    Has anyone mentioned Soros and "Black Wednesday" on the last few pages? "Best for Britain!" :rolleyes:

    As for Branson my internet is VM and their online customer service is bloody appalling! I've heard their phone "helpline" is no better especially when I have no landline (the broadband is fibre optic) and can't call for free. Internet is OK usually though it pisses me off every now and then. Thought about switching but that might be even more of a hassle so not sure I will. I don't like everyday mundane activities like shopping or topping up electric lol. Should probably call E.ON about a smart meter again last time they said technical difficulties were delaying more installations. My Mum was at my residence the other week and let one of their meter readers in whereas I normally ignore the door unless its someone expected. Stupid woman didn't ask him (yes it was a guy I'm not just assuming or taking second hand info lol I was there. My Mum saw the E.ON van and had my permission to answer if they knocked) about their current situation with the aforementioned technical issues though. She has a quarterly bill with the same provider rather than a meter.
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  16. Alan

    Alan Administrator Staff Member

    Guy Verhofstadt who apparently will be negotiating on behalf of the EU was on the Andrew Marr show. He basically wants everything to remain the same but we won't have a vote. Totally unacceptable. The twat appears to think he holds all the aces and he doesn't. By appointing this man the EU have made a declaration of hostility and it is becoming more likely that we will leave without an agreement which will hurt the EU far more than us. So be it. I'm getting fed up of the EU telling us what we can do and what we can't do. We are leaving and they have no influence on our decisions any more.
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  17. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    people say its like a divorce ...well lets just f off without being dry bummed and say "come and have a go euros"
  18. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Well if it is a divorce it was an “arranged” marriage set up by known peadophiles and Kalergi disciples
  19. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

  20. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

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