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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ABBEY, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. OnlyOneTugay

    OnlyOneTugay Senior Member

    All of the televised news media in the UK has a liberal/ left wing slant . I object to having to pay to fund BBC political propaganda . It’s time the TV licence was abolished . Not much we can do about Channel 4 news but perhaps we should have something like Fox News for balance .
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  2. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

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  3. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    Shame isn't it? No Peaky Blinders till 2019 either!
    A victim of their own success. I know they keep killing a few off in both but it must be nightmarish for the producers to arrange filming around some of their star's busy schedules now that those stars have become big box office attractions through their roles in those shows. I'd imagine Tom Hardy's jewish character has been killed off more for fitting filming around his work calendar and renumeration demands than any other reason.
  4. Pinkrover

    Pinkrover Senior Member

    Take me out !!! Don't suppose any of you watch this?? Last guy tho omg .lol
  5. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    take you out? i cant mrs said .
    anyways its nfl playoffs .
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  6. Pinkrover

    Pinkrover Senior Member

    Hahaha ..daft sod...watch on catch up..lol
  7. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    I'd say that was a job for Al.
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  8. Alan

    Alan Administrator Staff Member

    Pink "liked" that. I'm gonna have to watch my step! Happily my wife doesn't know even how to switch on my laptop.
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  9. Pinkrover

    Pinkrover Senior Member

  10. Wilpshire Blue

    Wilpshire Blue Senior Member

    She might want to know why you have two dozen bottles of viagra in the car glovebox though.....
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  11. Amo

    Amo Administrator Staff Member

    Most overrated show ever. It literally lost the plot once it overtook the books.
  12. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    Not overrated but I'm kinda in agreement with the overtaking the book comment.
  13. Reidy You're A Star

    Reidy You're A Star Active Member

    Then 2 Daves have the basic storyline and how it ends, so it shouldn't be a million miles away from how the books go. The last series was a was a bit rushed, but still good. Ideally, it would've been 9 Series long and had less magic teleporting characters, but the basic story is still good. There's still plenty of action and loose ends that need tying up and if done properly, should make for a really good last series. If you want a show that has lost the plot and crashed, look no further than the walking dead. Now there is a show on its ass. Fairly main characters bumped off just before their big role in the story, shit writing, drawn out, crap episodes that could've been done in half the time.. The 2nd half of this series better be amazing, cause the first half was gash. It's such a shame, cause both shows were amazing for a long time, but both have moved away from what made them so good in the first place and started to decline. TWD more than GOT, but neither have that "can't wait for the next episode" factor anymore.

    Late to the game on this, but finally got round to watching it, if anyone hasn't yet and are comic book / batman fans, then Gotham is a bloody good watch! Rinsed 4 series in about 2 weeks and patiently waiting for the mid-season break of series 4 to end to get back on it. Really highly recommended.
  14. blueandwhitehalves

    blueandwhitehalves Senior Member

    Anyone given Altered Carbon a go on Netflix? Absolutely loved the book, inevitably the series isn't quite living up to it but still very good.
  15. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    Will stream at some point
  16. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    anyone watch hunted? love the programme ,applied last year and have again....if i get on gonna need your help.
  17. Amo

    Amo Administrator Staff Member

    Benioff and Weiss are Jew hacks.

  18. Funnily enough having watched the series I was thinking of applying myself. They wouldn’t catch me though as I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted the secret of not being caught.
  19. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    not an invisible cape
  20. Lol no. I won’t put it on here as the producers of the programme may google and find my information.

    If you get on I’ll let you know :)

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