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Venky's judgement

Discussion in 'Rovers Chat' started by Drog, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    Time and again the venkys display an unerring ability to shoot themselves in the foot! What is it about them that they manage to get just about everything so wrong?

    Well done fella. Nice to see some top quality and professional recognition after the disgraceful way he was dismissed here, especially given that he achieved it under the Oyston's and even more so without the need to spend gazillions. Just like the disgraceful Allardyce dismissal ... getting sacked here was the best thing that's happened to him!

    I wonder how the brothers will be taking that news in Pune this morning?

    :joy: Be even funnier if it wasn't so tragic for the club.:(
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  2. Amo

    Amo Administrator Staff Member

    Are we supposed to be impressed that he won some glorified PR event?

    He might prove to be a decent lower-league manager but he wasn't cut out for a team with Premier League aspirations, that much is sure.
  3. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    Fu@k venkys
  4. Barmitzvah Boy

    Barmitzvah Boy Senior Member

    Boring Bowyer. I was pleased when he left and still am. The only problem was his replacement.
  5. Vinjay

    Vinjay Senior Member

    Thought the Oystons were excellent owners in your eyes?

    Yeah disgraceful for a fat egotist to lose his job. What's happened to him since has he won anything? Did he make a great success of the England job?

    Understandable though if Venkys want to sell off the training ground, academy, ruin the club etc. :rolleyes:

    Stupid post.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  6. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    hes never won anything
  7. Vinjay

    Vinjay Senior Member

    Some fans need to look at themselves and their judgement. For instance Blondie on BRFCS who has a picture of a wilting rose (as numerous others do) to signify the decline over past few years. Yet the moment I call out an official site article detailing some "community" event as a load of sycophantic tosh (considering the ACV fought so hard by the caring community club) he calls me sad. Make your damn mind up you clown are they killing the club or not?

    Attacks me but he hasn't said a word against evil lying bastard Lingard for his lies.
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  8. Amo

    Amo Administrator Staff Member

    Bowyer blotted his copybook when he went into self-preservation mode and started taking shots at the critics. As I quoted at the time, "you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
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  9. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

  10. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    Correct. You took the words right out of my mouth Vinjay. Well done! It's a strong man who can admit his own failings.
  11. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    My my it appears that the Bowyer Haters just gotta hate . Probably hate him even more now that their judgement has been made to look more than a taj flawed. :cool:
  12. Amo

    Amo Administrator Staff Member

    Sacking Bowyer was one of the few things Venky's got right. They just did it 18 months too late.
  13. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    Really? I remember that just as with Sam Allardyce, if he hadn't been appointed we'd have been relegated!

    I guess this applies to both of us Amo..... "It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong, and an even bigger one to keep his mouth shut when he's right" Jim Fiebig
  14. Amo

    Amo Administrator Staff Member

    Ah for those halcyon days of Championship midtable mediocrity. Only problem is Bowyer had a top six side.

    I'll give you a C– for trolling. Must do better.
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  15. Reidy You're A Star

    Reidy You're A Star Active Member

    It's the club putting on an event for the kids at Christmas. Of the myriad of things the club has done wrong and can be castigated for, this isn't one of them I'm afraid.
  16. blueandwhitehalves

    blueandwhitehalves Senior Member

    As the oft repeated saying goes, football's all about opinions. And whilst we seem to agree on 90% of things Drog, Bowyer isn't one of them. I'll admit to indulging in a LOT of "I told you so" to Allardyce's critics after our spectacular decline after his sacking, but that's based on him promoting West Ham then keeping them up, keeping Sunderland up, and keeping Palace up.

    Allardyce has shown time and again he can do the exact thing we needed him for. Bowyer hasn't yet shown he can promote a Championship club to the Premiership. That was his task at Rovers and I'd argue in terms of his player wage bill he had the resources to do it. Promoting a club from League 2 to League 1 is a very pale imitation.
  17. Wilpshire Blue

    Wilpshire Blue Senior Member

    I must agree BWH.
    Until the dreaded appointment of Coyle, Gary Bowyer was the only Rovers manager to take us into the bottom three of the Championship.
    Admittedly, he got us out of there and up to the heady heights of mid-table but couple that fact with the fact that he only managed one solitary Saturday in the top 6 during his time as Rovers manager and the list of players he had at his disposal and I rest my case m'lud.
  18. steve w

    steve w Senior Member

    I have posted before - Bowyer was just very inexperienced and took his chance (who wouldn't?)
    The constant argument about whether he was good enough is mute - I am pretty dam sure that if we had stuck with him we would not be where we are now, (but I agree we probably wouldn't be back in the Prem either)
    The problem was and still is the people that looked for and took the cheapest option. Employing Coyle proved beyond any shadow of a doubt it was the wrong path......................................Again!!
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  19. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    How a manager couldn't get in to the playoffs at least with the players bowyer had is unforgivable.
  20. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    On the other hand he signed most of em and made significant profit on most of them. A poor man's version of Mark Hughes as we have had.
    Like him or not people have to admit that he's comfortably in front of most and streets ahead of some that we have had since Allardyce. Also and to cut to the chases the three that we have replaced him with have certainly been no improvement.

    My criticisms of Bowyer and which I believe had he addressed them properly would have imo seen us comfortably in the promotion hunt was that
    a. He couldn't manage to find 2 quality full backs. So important given the strength that we had in the middle of the defence through that time.
    b. Either
    1. He mistakenly thought his best centre forward option was Jordan Rhodes*
    2. He was ordered to play him whenever fit and available.

    The rest as they say is history.

    * There is an old saying amongst football managers...... Always get rid of your bad players asap. If you don't they'll get rid of you!
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