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RIP Fast Eddie

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ABBEY, Jan 11, 2018 at 12:07 PM.

  1. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    Devastating news fast Eddie has died with pneumonia.
    RIP another legend partying with Lemmy.
  2. Wilpshire Blue

    Wilpshire Blue Senior Member

    There'll be some noise being made up in the heavens now that the three amigos are reunited.

    RIP Fast Eddie, another legend of my youth
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  3. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    He was on telly just before Christmas looking good..67 is crap
  4. MCMC1875

    MCMC1875 Member

    Only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud
    So good I can't believe it, screaming with the crowd
    Don't sweat it, we'll get it back to you
    Don't sweat it, we'll get it back to you
    Overkill, overkill, overkill
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  5. OnlyOneTugay

    OnlyOneTugay Senior Member

    My mate was a bit of a heavy metal freak and I remember he dragged me along to see Motorhead at Accrington Town Hall in 1976. They were playing alongside Scorpions ( a German band ? ) . All I remember from the gig was someone told me the lead singer (Lemmie ? ) head butted the lead singer of the Scorpions for playing too long & delaying Motorhead’s session

    More of a Motown/ Soul fan myself with a sprinkling of Glam Rock ( Roxy, Bowie, Mott the Hoople )

    RIP Fast Eddie - I heard you once live , if you played in that gig
  6. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    So that's Motorhead gone. Live fast...... die young as they say.

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