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International Footy

Discussion in 'General Football Chat' started by ABBEY, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. ABBEY

    ABBEY Administrator Staff Member

    No Italy in Russia next year.
  2. OnlyOneTugay

    OnlyOneTugay Senior Member

    I'll miss Italy , although I'm not sure how much of the World Cup I'll watch .

    They featured in my favourite game of all time , the 1970 World Cup Final ( not including the 1966 final of course, but that was for different reasons ) As a defender myself , I've always had an admiration for their Catenaccio defensive system. Their version in the 1960s was four man-marking defenders tightly assigned to the opposing attackers while an extra player, the sweeper ( libero) , would pick up any loose ball that escaped the coverage of the defenders. Destroyed by the individual skills of Pele , Rivellino , Jairzinho , Gerson et al in the Mexico final and then made redundant by the fluidity of Holland's total football in the 1970s
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  3. Wilpshire Blue

    Wilpshire Blue Senior Member

  4. Alan

    Alan Administrator Staff Member

    I always rated Coleman both as a player and a manager. I'd have liked him to manage Rovers.
  5. Wilpshire Blue

    Wilpshire Blue Senior Member

    To be honest I’m surprised he didn’t get a better team than one at the foot of the Championship.

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