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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ABBEY, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. OnlyOneTugay

    OnlyOneTugay Senior Member

    “ By 1965, capital punishment had been abolished for almost all crimes, but was still mandatory (unless the offender was pardoned or the sentence commuted) for high treason until 1998. By section 36 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 the maximum punishment for high treason became life imprisonment”

    Home grown Islamic terrorism by British citizens wasn’t an everyday threat in 1998 . Perhaps it’s time to amend section 36 and reintroduce capital punishment for high treason
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  2. Steve Moss

    Steve Moss Active Member

  3. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Yes and it's Marinda's doing
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  4. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    Aren't public servants wonderful?

    No wonder sympathy runs out when the educationalists and teachers threaten strike action as they demand ever higher pay and less working days is it?

    No doubt she will have much more in her pension pot than anybody from the Private sector is even allowed.

    btw...... Anybody wonder wonder what the Chancellor earns?
  5. otto man

    otto man Senior Member

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  6. OnlyOneTugay

    OnlyOneTugay Senior Member


    I'm fully supportive of our Defence Secretary on this one . It'll probably upset Corbyn , his front bench and the Guardianistas . No doubt they'll bleat on about human rights and all that , just like the Shadow Foreign Secretary in this interview with Andrew Neil

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  7. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Earns !

    That's easy Drog


    probably gets paid around £120k though
  8. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    She is one almighty dumb fecker
  9. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    Not THE Chancellor..... the Bath Uni Chancellor. She's paid all that lucre and is only Vice Chancellor.
  10. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Think I heard around £430k in her last year plus having a £31k car loan paid off
  11. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    This one is even dumber! Shadow Education Sec. Left school with a bun in the oven at 15 and Corbyn has entrusted her with a Shadow Cabinet Post!
    Neil has her over a barrel (perish the thought ..yuk) and she quite obviously does not have an effin clue what she is talking about. She is so thick that she can't even grasp that she is thick! Just bleating the same old Labour mantra that the govt must spend more munny and the wealthmakers should pay for it. Has as much idea about figures as that numpty Abbott who reckons police are paid £30 per week or whatever. People who happily vote for suchlike have much in common with lemmings.

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  12. Benjamin Kaynine

    Benjamin Kaynine Senior Member

    Good Manchester girl is our Angela. She knows hardship and what it's like to grow up in a system that's bent against ordinary working people and in favour of the tax-evading "wealth creators". The lemmings are the folk in working class areas who vote for them.

  13. Vinjay

    Vinjay Senior Member

    Like that guy in Jersey...what was his name can't think of it.

    Lemmings don't use "reverse snobbery" in everything they say either. You're like a working class stereotype (ever read Socialist Worker was "Eton by a bear" one of your bylines?) aren't you busy down a mine or something?" I can agree with you on the Royals and people like Jack's family who appreciate nothing but you seem to resent anyone with ambition. Granted in Raynor's case I don't entirely agree with Drog's remarks (no Theno I'm not going out of my way to target you lol!) or the snobbery there either. At least she stands up for something unlike Hollern who gets laughed at by Quentin Letts for being so tentative.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
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  14. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Our resident hack John, is to busy sipping champers to go down a mine Vinjay
  15. Vinjay

    Vinjay Senior Member

    I don't believe he's Jimmk2 if that's the implication I recall?
  16. Steve Moss

    Steve Moss Active Member

  17. yoda

    yoda Administrator Staff Member

    No! try talking to Drog about it
  18. Vinjay

    Vinjay Senior Member

    Just don't think Jim is the type to hide behind another name. He wouldn't be banned anyway on here would he? Maybe he should post on here because the Lingardland clique suspended me 2 weeks for sod all tonight. Not posting there again can't be on same forum as Liegard.
  19. davebirch

    davebirch Senior Member

    Had to log in to put you in the picture Vinjay.

    His other pseudonyms have been jimmk2, and Doris, his real name is John.
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  20. Drog

    Drog Administrator Staff Member

    Indeed so dave.

    Vinjay have you heard of IP addresses? ;)
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